Work Life Balance – Can it be truly achieved?

“Very good and happy to see the confidence…Benefited in every way.” – Farkunda Khan

“Although I have a good work life balance there is always something new to learn and ways to improve. Exceeded expectations – was very insightful and enjoyful. Each of the speakers experiences were very insightful and inspirational…it is a good networking opportunity and a good use of time.”

“Amazing, very relevant & useful…Great speakers with different topics, specialities. I benefited from Farah’s tips & Samira’s advice…it is a good networking opportunity by professional Muslim women for professional Muslim women.”

“Brilliant! Very useful, never heard of wheel of life. Exceed my expectations. Very motivational & more importantly helpful. Really uplifting….very open, calm, comfortable uplifting environment.” – Zahra Hassan

“It was great! I enjoyed & learned a lot! It was more than my expectation. They [the speakers] were inspirational.” – Reyhaneh

“I enjoyed the session and the topic….heard different opinions & others perspectives. They [the speakers] were very friendly and I enjoyed their is good for networking…”

“Really good, interesting to hear the panel’s stories…really inspiring to hear their stories.”


“I really enjoyed it, very interactive…lots of perspectives. I met amazing women mashallah.” – Samira Ali [speaker]

“It was a very comprehensive session. I was open minded so was happy to see the layout/set yo. I am happy with how it went and appreciated the attentiveness of the audience…very open and inclusive…” – Fahmida Rahman [speaker]

“This event was really good. The women who attended were so diverse and it genuinely taught me things. I think it exceeded it by the openness the sharing by attendees. I think it was quite good. I wanted to add value and I think I did…” – Farah Dualeh [speaker]

Author: Sadiqa Jabbar

Salams/Hi there! my name is Sadiqa Jabbar and I am an Architect and Urban Designer at MEB Design Ltd. My architectural interests lie in sustainable projects that benefit the community at large with a positive social impact; projects that make a difference to people no matter the scale. My experiences at various architectural firms and stint at freelancing have drawn me to schemes in a variety of sectors most notably community, education, healthcare, residential and ecclesiastical. My research has enabled me to appreciate the sensitivities of communities in London, Delhi, Karachi, and Bangkok.

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