Influential Muslim Women: Historic and Contemporary 2

“Went smoothly and friendly. Thumbs up! It was well organised yes, it met my expectations…I love the initiative and we do need more of that.” – Maya Nasaani

“I think it was of a positive impact on all subjects we came across…its inspiring as it adds to the session [having a guest speaker] and shows a contemporary example to look up to….the diversity oin the session along with the interesting subjects we came across” – Rania Kaadan

“love the positivity of the group.Inspirational…glad I came. Great to see a Muslim sister working in the construction industry”

“I had not heard of Noor & Zaha so it is always great to see and hear the stories of inspirational Muslim women….it exceed it [expectations] as we had a contemporary working woman breaking barriers telling us about her experience. Good idea to have a guest speaker as it adds more to the conversation….it is an opportunity to see what women are up to and discuss common issues”

“I felt it was very inspiring….it met my requirements. I am going to purchase that book by Noor Inayat Khan. That was really good to get an idea of their journey and struggles.” – Rokhsar Nimat

“Fantastic, largely on time, very inspiring stories….great group of women w/varied expertise….[Guest speaker] Story was very interesting, perhaps could have allowed more time. Great group of engaging women w/alot of knowledge” – Sadiya Shaikh

“Met extremely inspirational women. Feeling rejuvenated and inspired..Important to be presented with exceptional examples of womanhood in Islam.” – Marwa Mohammed

“Very interesting discussions & presentations. Great mix of people…thank you so much for organising it & for the tea & snacks…[guest speaker] very good idea, brought value to session…networking opportunity, chance to hear other people’s stories & challenges” – Karima

“Good timing. Well broken down. really enjoyed the subject & has inspired me to read about Noor Inayat Khan….It was a good number of people [therefore] felt I could easily listen to everyone and felt inclusive. Enjoyed – great to have a woman that was inspiring & set a goal (standard for others to look up to. Go – enjoy good chat & good company” – Aishah Latif

“Very interesting meeting sisters all backgrounds…Useful, having contemporary sisters explaining their lives is nice…meet-up to network with Muslimah”

“Session went well, very organised lots of interesting ppl involved…lots of input, Inspirational & very encouraging [guest speaker]” – Sham

Author: Sadiqa Jabbar

Salams/Hi there! my name is Sadiqa Jabbar and I am an Architect and Urban Designer at MEB Design Ltd. My architectural interests lie in sustainable projects that benefit the community at large with a positive social impact; projects that make a difference to people no matter the scale. My experiences at various architectural firms and stint at freelancing have drawn me to schemes in a variety of sectors most notably community, education, healthcare, residential and ecclesiastical. My research has enabled me to appreciate the sensitivities of communities in London, Delhi, Karachi, and Bangkok.

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