Influential Muslim Women: Historic & Contemporary 3

“…Session was  awesome. So good to know about these women. I can share their stories with my STEM groups etc. The strength of the women is so inspirational. The presenter has done really well in researching this topic. Kept it fresh & entertaining.”

“the discussions were enjoyable…Getting to know names of successful Muslim women. Welcoming presenter able to engage with group.” – Farhana

“I feel this very useful for Muslim woman discuss and make new friends…I get new knowledge. the presenter make a nice presenting…” – Aulia

“Inspirational women exist!” – Izzah

“It was informative, interesting and fun. Supportive. Interesting powerful Muslim women. Seeing Muslims in a true light. Good research. Information. Benefited from positive, smart empowering environment.” – Lina Hamid


Mental Health & Well Being: Stress at Work

“…chance to network & practice speaking. Meet people…”

“..very enjoyable…exposure to community, happy to help…Please attend – always a great way to support each other…” – Dr Sophia Mohyuddin [ speaker]

“Really interesting topic by two super talented women…Really interesting ideas and takeaways. Come and meet other talented Muslim professionals.”

“I thought it was useful having Muslim females talk about these issues and their experiences…importance of handling stress. I thought they [speakers] were amazing & very inspirational…it’s a safe open environment.”

“I really enjoyed it, many things I could relate to and I also learnt a few new things. How common stress is among Muslim women and the support structures out there to help. this will help me a lot in my personal life since I have close family & friends suffering majorly from stress so now I have a few tips to help support…very insightful & engaging…” – Safiya

“Very useful things I could implement in my own life and share with others, family friends etc…different resources available. Islamic aspects about mental health. Very well done, infomative and very relevant!…it’s good to bring awareness of it as an issue in our communities and an Islamic reminder…”

“The session went well and it was very useful. Very knowledgeble mashallah [speakers]…attend future sessions…”

Work Life Balance – Can it be truly achieved?

“Very good and happy to see the confidence…Benefited in every way.” – Farkunda Khan

“Although I have a good work life balance there is always something new to learn and ways to improve. Exceeded expectations – was very insightful and enjoyful. Each of the speakers experiences were very insightful and inspirational…it is a good networking opportunity and a good use of time.”

“Amazing, very relevant & useful…Great speakers with different topics, specialities. I benefited from Farah’s tips & Samira’s advice…it is a good networking opportunity by professional Muslim women for professional Muslim women.”

“Brilliant! Very useful, never heard of wheel of life. Exceed my expectations. Very motivational & more importantly helpful. Really uplifting….very open, calm, comfortable uplifting environment.” – Zahra Hassan

“It was great! I enjoyed & learned a lot! It was more than my expectation. They [the speakers] were inspirational.” – Reyhaneh

“I enjoyed the session and the topic….heard different opinions & others perspectives. They [the speakers] were very friendly and I enjoyed their is good for networking…”

“Really good, interesting to hear the panel’s stories…really inspiring to hear their stories.”


“I really enjoyed it, very interactive…lots of perspectives. I met amazing women mashallah.” – Samira Ali [speaker]

“It was a very comprehensive session. I was open minded so was happy to see the layout/set yo. I am happy with how it went and appreciated the attentiveness of the audience…very open and inclusive…” – Fahmida Rahman [speaker]

“This event was really good. The women who attended were so diverse and it genuinely taught me things. I think it exceeded it by the openness the sharing by attendees. I think it was quite good. I wanted to add value and I think I did…” – Farah Dualeh [speaker]

The Elevator Pitch

“It went really well. It really encouraged me to go and pursue my passion…It was good to observe others and pick up some good tips.” – Maryam

“Found liked-minded people…Felt comfortable expressing myself. The organise & group was very welcoming. Very useful could see different perspectives…this is for Muslim women empowering them, their thoughts, ideas, which is very important in today’s world.” – Moina

“…enjoyed it, I learnt a lot from watching sisters speak. Opportunity to network. Loved that it was a small gathering…a range of speakers, all needing feedback, well organised and thought out…it is a platform for Muslim women to speak up…Amazing preparation and thoughtfulness.”

“Excellent. Loved hearing the other pitches. Met some incredible women. got what I needed from it….Very good, respectful, good amount of time.” – Farah Dualeh

“Session was amazing. Friendly. It has exceed my expectations. Very useful, as a pitcher I got useful feedback I can go away with & improve.” – Ayan

1st Anniversary: Journeys

“Due to being a small group it was useful to be more conversational”

“Very well small intimate and meaningful…inspiring to hear other people’s views. Enjoy talking about opinions and journeys…to meet women from different professions”

Influential Muslim Women: Historic and Contemporary 2

“Went smoothly and friendly. Thumbs up! It was well organised yes, it met my expectations…I love the initiative and we do need more of that.” – Maya Nasaani

“I think it was of a positive impact on all subjects we came across…its inspiring as it adds to the session [having a guest speaker] and shows a contemporary example to look up to….the diversity oin the session along with the interesting subjects we came across” – Rania Kaadan

“love the positivity of the group.Inspirational…glad I came. Great to see a Muslim sister working in the construction industry”

“I had not heard of Noor & Zaha so it is always great to see and hear the stories of inspirational Muslim women….it exceed it [expectations] as we had a contemporary working woman breaking barriers telling us about her experience. Good idea to have a guest speaker as it adds more to the conversation….it is an opportunity to see what women are up to and discuss common issues”

“I felt it was very inspiring….it met my requirements. I am going to purchase that book by Noor Inayat Khan. That was really good to get an idea of their journey and struggles.” – Rokhsar Nimat

“Fantastic, largely on time, very inspiring stories….great group of women w/varied expertise….[Guest speaker] Story was very interesting, perhaps could have allowed more time. Great group of engaging women w/alot of knowledge” – Sadiya Shaikh

“Met extremely inspirational women. Feeling rejuvenated and inspired..Important to be presented with exceptional examples of womanhood in Islam.” – Marwa Mohammed

“Very interesting discussions & presentations. Great mix of people…thank you so much for organising it & for the tea & snacks…[guest speaker] very good idea, brought value to session…networking opportunity, chance to hear other people’s stories & challenges” – Karima

“Good timing. Well broken down. really enjoyed the subject & has inspired me to read about Noor Inayat Khan….It was a good number of people [therefore] felt I could easily listen to everyone and felt inclusive. Enjoyed – great to have a woman that was inspiring & set a goal (standard for others to look up to. Go – enjoy good chat & good company” – Aishah Latif

“Very interesting meeting sisters all backgrounds…Useful, having contemporary sisters explaining their lives is nice…meet-up to network with Muslimah”

“Session went well, very organised lots of interesting ppl involved…lots of input, Inspirational & very encouraging [guest speaker]” – Sham

New Year New You!

“really well glad to meet other people who want to meet up and help each other develop & grow. Better than I expected very friendly people felt comfortable. Meeting other women in different professions has inspired me to plan my goals better.”

“went well. Made connections with 2 new sisters. Met expectations….I always mention these session to other Muslim sisters.”

“small group, more a chat than only presentation, which was good…Gave ideas, but was more a discussion about our needs….perfect place for Muslim professional ladies to network”


Networking for Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships

“Excellent…will research and network more…its useful to get fresh/new ideas” – Sabia

“Session was very informative & uplifting. Great energy. It exceeded my expectations. Lots of info presented in a positive view…of we could have more guest speakers in future sessions….It is a very warm & positive environment. Something to be learned from each session” – Khadeja

“I learned so many tips to have me want to do things different…positive, learning, developing self skills” – Anna

“Excellent, very informative….specific information met everyone needs….relaxed atmosphere”

“Very relevant to me…specialist is experienced in their field….it is a great, positive and beneficial group”

“Smooth, well organised and engaging…very powerful to have a specialist in their field to come over…it is a supportive and progressive group that empowers women”

“Brilliant…nice tips good learning…very good insight from professional on certain topics…its growing well keep going!”

“Loved the group interaction…the audience participation really helped evolve the topic…sign up”

“It was very informative and relaxed. Confirmed some of the techniques I am implementing but also got more tips….expert advice is always good!…ideal way to network professionally in a relaxed environment” – Saleha

“Very Good. Independent views & a professional speaker is good.”

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

“The session really help. It was quiet interesting….this topic was very important and it would help others”

“It was excellent! It exceeded my expectations. Was nervous but audience were very receptive….Its a very relaxed professional environment to network & learn at the same time.”

“Comfortable setting to speak openly”

“Excellent, really productive, educational, – very real”

“Insightful, reflective”

“Very positive, wish it was longer!…the session was more organic in terms of structure which I think worked well for this topic…very refreshing & enlightening…could have been a bit longer” – Khadeja

“I think the open natured discussion from the panel was really insightful as to how vast the problem really is in the Muslim / Asian community…feels like a secure & safe environment to have a discussion”

“Very interesting, expressing what everyone might be faced…good energy”

“Very interesting debate & discussion. Went very well. Good structure & venue!…Learnt better mechanisms of coping & good to know I’m not alone…very important to talk about & raise awareness”

“Lovely session, v. informative. Nice to feel support of other women… was a great event for learning & sharing & connecting sisters”