Sadiqa Jabbar – Founder

As a professional Muslim woman, Sadiqa feels the need to represent her voice through becoming a positive role model for the future generation of Muslim and non-Muslim girls and young women. What is the legacy we want to leave behind?

Associate Architect and Urban Designer working at MEB Design Ltd on a range of community schemes. Sadiqa believes in ensuring each project brings value to those who experience the buildings, spaces and places we design.

Sadiqa is a Mentor and School Speaker for Muslim Women Connect‘s School Speaker and Mentor programmes, RIBA Student Mentor and Mosaic Secondary School Mentor for The Prince’s Trust. Recently she has become an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes on their Management Practice and Law module in the Architecture Department.

In 2017 She founded and organised a series of events for professional Muslim women under the tag, Pass the Mic Sis. The online presence was established in May 2018.

“As professional Muslim women, I feel we need to represent our voices through becoming positive visible role models for the future generation of Muslim and non-Muslim girls and young women. We are taking part in a variety of different fields and aspects of community life on a daily basis and don’t get this type of exposure. PtMSis facilitates for a platform to share the accomplishments of Muslim women (both historic and contemporary) to provide the inspiration for others.

At the same time, it is also imperative for Muslim and non-Muslim boys and young men to see the contributions of Muslim women in society for a more holistic positive mindset change in our communities worldwide. This will garner more trust and respect for one another.

What is the legacy we want to leave behind?”


Author: Sadiqa Jabbar

Salams/Hi there! my name is Sadiqa Jabbar and I am an Architect and Urban Designer at MEB Design Ltd. My architectural interests lie in sustainable projects that benefit the community at large with a positive social impact; projects that make a difference to people no matter the scale. My experiences at various architectural firms and stint at freelancing have drawn me to schemes in a variety of sectors most notably community, education, healthcare, residential and ecclesiastical. My research has enabled me to appreciate the sensitivities of communities in London, Delhi, Karachi, and Bangkok.

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